About us

Jus Legal is a New Gen Law Firm, with a talented and experienced team who are empathetical to challenges faced by Clients and capable of swiftly handling hurdles confronting clients with their in-depth Knowledge of Laws.

Sometimes being directionless and anxious, when faced with legal hurdles either in work or in family is very common. Feeling of helplessness and being confused can be overcome when there is someone like a beacon to guide you safe. Jus Legal strives to be that beacon.

Jus Legal handles both Litigation and Non litigation Cases effectively, efficiently and transparently and is

Guided by:

Prevail relentlessly upon adversaries

Secure and protect interests of client

Remedy and Solve complexities legally.

How We Work

“A lawyer’s work is only 10 % in the Court, the remaining in his Chamber”

Listen - Analyse - Strategise - Execute

  • Listening is the most important trait of a lawyer. At Jus Legal, all grievances are meticulously and consciously heard out. 

  • After thoroughly perusing supporting documents, our team formulates an appropriate strategy.

  • We adopt applicable laws to ensure its use to the best advantage.

Co-ordination with law Firms across other jurisdictions including other High Courts and the Supreme Court of India gives the much-needed advantage of reach, for the benefit of clients.


Jus Legal apart from handling cases for Corporate’s, Organizations and Individuals across a wide-ranging spectrum also undertakes work pro-bono whereby legal aid is provided to the needy and deserving individuals with genuine difficulties.