Non Litigation

Jus Legal strives to plan ahead so as to mitigate future risks and reduce the chance of litigation for clients.


  • Jus Legal conducts due diligence of title to property and prepares report (Legal Opinion)
  • Jus Legal supports in drafting and registration of
  • Sale Agreements
  • Sale Deeds
  • Joint Venture Deeds
  • Building Construction Deeds
  • Mortgage Deeds
  • Power of Attorney Deeds
  • Adjudication of Power
         (when Principal residing out of India)
  • Release Deeds


    Each Family is different and hence necessitating a varied succession plan.

    • Jus Legal helps in meticulously drafting a will to ensure that the intention of person dying is made clear leaving no room for ambiguity.
    • Jus Legal advices on various other methods of Succession planning in dealing with Movable and Immovable Assets so that loved ones and family are adequately protected even after death.


    It is always good to have everything in Black and White.

    Jus Legal supports with drafting Agreements & Contracts touching upon every aspect of business. Be it Business to Business or Employer and Employee.

  • Joint Venture
  • Franchise
  • Employment
  • Licensing
  • Assignment
  • Partnership Deeds
  • Society / Trust Formation Deeds
  • Any Other Deed as per requirement.


    It may be overwhelming to ensure strict compliance of all regulatory laws and staying updated with amendments to such laws, Jus Legal tries to reduce that burden by providing guidance and updates to Corporate, MSME, Firms, etc.


    Being away from assets earned through hard work and sacrifice has to necessarily be secured. Jus Legal strengthens the resolve to secure, by way of:

    • Due diligence Reports of Title while purchasing or leasing
    • Sale or Purchase Assistance
    • Relinquishment of Rights
    • Ancestral real estate & Inheritance advisory
    • Legal Counselling & Litigation Handling
    • Appointing Power Agent